Hallmarks Overview

The Hallmarks of Healthy Workplaces recognition program was created to recognize workplaces which have created positive work environments for nurses in North Carolina. Hallmarks recognition is open to any workplace where three or more Registered Nurses work or volunteer, including hospitals, units within hospitals, schools of nursing, home health agencies, correctional facilities and more.

Congratulations to the latest Hallmarks recipients!

To see the list of the latest recipients, please go here.

Interested in becoming a Hallmarks volunteer?

Please contact Kristen Feneley at 800-626-2153 or by emailing kristenfeneley@ncnurses.org.

Hallmarks Overview

The Hallmarks of Healthy Workplaces program has received funding from The Duke Endowment that allows us to provide scholarships for applicants located in rural counties.

The scholarship funding covers 70% of the Hallmarks application fees and is available to workplaces in rural counties.

Interested applicants should contact Kristen Feneley for more information.

Hallmarks Vision

The Hallmarks vision is that North Carolina will be blanketed in workplaces that value the services their registered nurses provide.

Hallmarks Overview

To give recognition to single health-related agencies or units of those agencies which have developed healthy workplaces for nurses.

To promote open communication, respect and solution-focused actions to enhance the nurse’s delivery of professional care.

To strengthen the recruitment and retention of nurses.

Hallmarks Ceremony

Hallmarks recipients are recognized twice each year during a recognition ceremony. Recognition ceremonies feature guest speakers and celebrate the accomplishments of healthy workplaces. Each workplace receives a Hallmarks award as well as Hallmarks pins.

The Recognition Ceremony is a media event. Members of the press are invited to attend. Hallmarks staff send press releases to newspaper and television reporters detailing your accomplishments.

The May 2013 recipients will be honored at a ceremony on May 17th at the Charlotte/Concord Embassy Suites.

Mission Statement

The North Carolina Nurses Association serves the changing needs of its members, addresses nursing issues and advocates for the health and well-being of all people.